Junior Year

Junior year was interesting because of all the classes I took. My friends and my school work had a huge impact as well as the sports I play. Since I’ve already graduated piano, the stress is relieved, but the work is abundant. I’d have to say that I have procrastinated the most this year and […]

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How to spar better. (Basics)

In martial arts, students and practitioners practice more than just punching bags or kicking kick pads. Sometimes, it’s hard to be in the field while “sparring” with your partner because it’s entirely different from technique, mainly because of how many strikes you’re taking. When you “spar” with someone, either your friend or partner, you are pretty much […]

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Great Glaciation.

Our Earth consists of billions, yet trillions of things. From species to man-made objects, the numbers are absolutely endless. Our solar system is far larger than what we see here on Earth. There are so many factors that are so unexplanable. The possibilities are endless. Our entire universe, on the other hand makes our solar system, yet […]

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What will we miss in the future?

The future holds all sorts of terrific ideas, thoughts, and creations. Too bad, this generation will miss every single bit of it from terraforming Mars to seeing our Milky Way, neighboring Andromeda. Andromeda is actually a different galaxy that is 2,583,000 light years away from Earth which is a very long distance. The galaxy is […]

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My Own Philosophy About School

During my high school career, I have been able to compose several aspects of academic knowledge ingrained in my thought. In fact, I have applied my own philosophy which contributes to my school work, ethics, and morals even to this day. The way in which I followed my personal regulations have made my job as a […]

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