Farting in class


I was a wayward child in the second grade and accidentally ‘cut the cheese’ in class. Man was that embarrassing. The kids would look at me for a long period of time and laugh. But the teacher told everyone that it was a perfectly normal thing to do. All of sudden, out of nowhere, about six or seven kids let it rip like it was the fourth of July. We were bombarded with fart smelling fireworks and at that time, I knew that no one cared what other people thought of them.

Now you are wondering who the heck writes about farts? Well, this isn’t a post about farting in class. It aims towards our insecurities and how we deal with it. As a junior in high school, insecurities are probably our biggest problem to deal with. It ranges from appearances to even sneezes. Normally, people sneeze “ACHOOO!”  But during school, I hear some girls sneezing like a baby rabbit screaming for it’s life. WE ALL KNOW YOU DO NOT SNEEZE LIKE THAT.

Just let it go. We do it all the time at home… Even though it sounds and looks so bad just accept that fact. Be you. It’s your story, make it sweeter.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” ~ Elbert Hubbard



You don’t want to be that sour and insecure living lemon that never changes.




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