Mob Rule: How others react in groups.

Certain people act differently when it comes to hanging out in groups. I’ll admit, it’s true on some occasions. But why? When it comes to being alone, we’re on a whole new level and we try so hard and worry about what people are thinking of us. To be honest, no one is the center of the universe so why do we care so much? People feel good when they’re praised among their peers. It feels nice to be the alpha dog and maybe we just want respect. However, being alone or with people we’re closest to alters the way we react. With them, we feel like we can easily connect and manifest our feelings out. Although, hanging out in superior groups, we conceal that ability of expression.

We cast aside our mediocre friends with our popular friends. We tend to ignore the old ones while being with the cooler ones. It seems like our level of popularity will be degraded and make us insecure. It could be a sign that we wouldn’t be able to gain enough self-respect and may make matters worse resulting in conflict between friendship.

For the most part, we shouldn’t care what others think of us because no one will keep track of who you are. Everyone is too busy on being insecure on themselves. And if they do, they’ll get over it. Generally, no one is at the center of the universe and we shouldn’t think about too much.


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