What is your motivation?

A motivation is something that gets you going. It’s something that makes us do what we think we can’t do. Our motivation our strength that breaks the impossible. It varies from all sorts of subjects but it all depends on what you’re goal is. For example: trying to get a perfect body, trying to get good grades, or trying to be the best.


My favorite motivations are quotes because they are powerful and they me into a mindset that drives me to success. It’s the only thing that gives me an amount of chills down my spine that I can’t even fathom.

Most of my friends’ motivations are girls because they have that urge to show off. While working out, they always think to themselves that if I try hard and obtain a glorious human form, she will start to notice me more. Even after ‘break ups’ in relationships, the ex partners will try to act like they have changed. They always think to themselves “how am I going to prove that I’m better than him/her.” So people have to do something about it and their motivation is usually their ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

ucla 2

My dream school which motivates me to work harder… UCLA

When it comes to academics, my desire is probably my future job. I ask myself questions, for example: “If I don’t achieve this in school, what will my future job be? Will I be homeless? Will I be poor? What college will I attend? I hope I get into UCLA!” These motives are what prevents me from getting bad grades or doing bad things in school.

Essentially, our motivation is what drives us to gain respect from others and ourselves. From body building to academics to sports, it’s all under the same category. We want pride in what we do and we want others to know. So what motivates you?


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