The troubles with having a kitty.

Has choosing a cat as a pet ever spark up in your mind? Owning a domestic cat is amazing because of the things you can do with him or her. You can feed your kitty ice cream or even take him or her out on a walk. Although it’s fun to own a pet cat, it is also a burden on your back.

I have a white American Bobtail kitty which is my second cat in two years. My mom gave away the previous one because I couldn’t keep up with cleaning after him.  The second cat was a grey tuxedo cat named Oliver. His facial expression would always look like he ‘high’ all the time and his hair pattern is literally the shape of a grey tuxedo. He was about two feet long, he was chubby, and he had living tail. But Oliver would always scratch the furniture and poop a lot. Scooping the poop is probably one of the biggest mistakes of having a kitty. Buying cat litter was also a burden for my mom, literally. It was way too heavy for her to carry which caused her back pains. Unfortunately, we decided to give him away and his last meal was Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Fast forward two years later which I’ve begged my mom to buy me a new cat. I’d promise to clean up after him all the time and train him to avoid the furniture as play things. She ended up getting him because of how beautiful his hair looked and how pink his nose is. He was all white with a light grey patch on his head and his tail wasn’t long like regular cats. Since he is an American Bobtail cat, the term ‘bobtail’ means he has a short tail. He was very smart because he knew that he wasn’t aloud to scratch the furniture and he never refused to take a bath.


photo 4

The only flaw from Levetticus, my white American Bobtail cat, was that he shed would more than Oliver would. Being a long haired feline does bring a different atmosphere than a short haired feline. Levetticus’s hair was soft as cotton compared to Oliver’s which wasn’t as nearly soft which makes him shed easily. If you were to lightly pull out his hair, about 6 strings of hair would fall out which was a problem for my mom. She didn’t like the fact that there was cat hair stuck on her shirts, my shirts, and the furniture.

photo 3

Unfortunately, my mom gave away my second cat which was bummer. She’s a huge neat-freak and is a stickler on domestic pets. We had a very good time with Levetticus and sent him back to his owners. Even though cats can be a huge problem with neatness, there will always be amazing memories to cherish.



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