Owning a pet

If you want to own a pet, you should probably think a lot about it and plan ahead. Taking care of another living thing takes a lot of responsibility just like taking care of your own kids. I have a pet of my own and yes, he is a pain in the butt. It also depends on what type of animal you’re taking home, for example, a fish, a lizard, a hamster, a bird, a cat, or a dog. In general, these are the types of animals with difficulties ranging from easy to hard. Some other factors include the uniqueness of the pet, for example, a fennec fox, or a sugar glider. These pets have special lifestyles and diets which make nourish a challenge. They’re a lot different from cats and dogs and takes more knowledge and practice before obtaining these animals.


This is a Sugar Glider.


This is a Fennec Fox.

For smaller animals, they’re a lot easier to take care of because of their size. They don’t really need to take showers and they aren’t much of a nuisance. Since they sleep in cages like hamsters or lizards, cleaning up after them isn’t much of a problem. Despite the fact that they’re easy to take care of, owning them still requires great responsibility. One of the huge flaws of owning small animals is probably cleaning up after them. Scooping their feces and changing their food all the time will tend to get boring and procrastination will greatly affect your pet in health.

Owning a bigger pet takes a big step in responsibility and knowledge. A cat or a dog for example needs attention at all times just like a baby. Unlike smaller pets, they need showers and exercise like humans. Showering them and cleaning up after them can sometimes be a hassle on us. If they make a mess, that adds up to more work. There are other factors that make cats and dogs a pain. Some cats shed and scratch furniture while some dogs do the same as cats and poop on the floor if not potty trained. It does seem like it’s a lot to take care of but in the long run, we get used to it and it becomes a daily chore.

Although owning a pet seems like a hard task, you’ll be used to the cleaning. Despite all the flaws, having a pet is one of the best things a human could have. A dog is one of the most loyal and sincere animals in the world. They make great pets and will brighten your day. Although responsibility and passion is key to taking care of an animal and it might even prepare you for having your own kid.

You should check out membersoftheboard.wordpress.com. He is a great blogger and I got most of my pet ideas from him.


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