What’s Up With the Guinea Pigs in Ecuador?


I vividly remember that It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and I was quickly cramming test material into my head. I overheard my sister talking about guinea pigs to my mom and I thought she was considering on getting one as a pet. Excited as heck, I was completely wrong and horrified. She actually tried convincing my mother to fly her over to Ecuador to roast a guinea pig. My sister told me that guinea pigs were a delicacy in Ecuador. Tourists would go deep into the hearts of Ecuador, and in a corner, they would find a family owned restaurant that serves different types of guinea pigs.


2. fried.


4. pan fried.

People would first be introduced to a pen full of healthy, fresh, and furry guinea pigs. They would then pick their victims for the big cut down. The guinea pigs are killed on the spot, skinned, gutted, halved, and cooked to the customer’s preference (don’t worry I only know this because she talked about it so much). My sister tried to persuade and convince everyone in the family but they were all so grossed out by it. She truly and desperately wanted to eat a guinea pig.. even today..Anyway, after the persuasion she showed me pictures..which were supposed to seem appetizing. I don’t know if I would eat a guinea pig with grilled vegetables and rice, I’ll just stick to my chicken, beef, pork, and dog. I mean…..turkey..What do you think? Would you give it a try?


Guinea pig kabob stick.


More roasted Guinea pigs with potatoes.


BBQ roasted Guinea pigs.


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