How humans and animals react to death.

It was the morning of Christmas even as I awoke to my sobbing mother. She was mumbling a few words in which I was very familiar and sent chills down my spine. It turns out my twenty year old cousin has committed suicide the night before. As I was listening to my mom speak on the phone with one of my aunts, I found this hard to believe and had this feeling of emptiness inside me. My heart felt like it shriveled up and and stopped pumping blood. My mom bursted into my room and told me that Johnathan had died.That was it. Like a normal person would do, I asked why? Oh how disgusted I was to hear what happened. Johanthan had shot himself night. Everything was dead silent afterwards and we haven’t said a word the whole day. All we did was question about the incident and mourn for our loss.

Finding out that one of your relatives passed away gives a totally different feeling and perspective. The moment you hear that they’ve passed away, it feels like a piece of you has chipped off and it stops you from doing anything. Since humans are unique and emotional we create more problems by depression, for example. After an unfortunate event happens to us we can’t let it go. We start to go into this stage where we can do absolutely nothing that will benefit ourselves. Wild animals however, are from the exact opposite. Though they do posses emotional feelings, they know they can’t do anything and are willing to let it go at an instant. Let’s say a lion chases a buffalo and is mauling it to it’s death. The buffalo herd is indeed horrified, but they observe and do not assist their herd members. Animals only help if it benefits their pack or themselves. They will never try to help others because they know that their lives will be endangered.

The question is, should humans be more like animals? It may benefit us at certain times, but we are too emotionally evolved to do so. We have strong feelings unlike wild animals. Even if we do abandon our friends to benefit ourselves or have no feelings towards our losses, we’ll go insane. So it’s probably better if we shouldn’t be like animals.


This is Migi from the show Parasite. He concludes that humans have a very strong emotional feelings unlike wild animals.


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