Is torture useless?

Torture is been practiced ever since humans have walked the earth. From the Stone Age to the 21st century, torture is used in all sorts of ways and from all sorts of places.  Ancient torture methods are probably the most interesting to analyze because they were the most brutal and creative ways to kill another person slowly. For example, during the Spanish Inquisition the most gruesome torture method was the “Spanish Donkey.” The victim would be put astride, naked, on a donkey-like apparatus, which is actually a vertical wooden board with a sharp V-wedge on top of it. After that, the torturer would add varying weights to the victim’s feet until finally the wedge sliced through the victim’s body. Some people torture for fun and some people tortured to get the things they wanted. But do the methods actually work?

In the 21st century, we still use torture tactics to get what we want.  However, they gruesome as how they were back then. The methods today are still effective and usually doesn’t result in death. From severe beatings to water torture, they slowly hurt us and make us spit out the answer. There are other modern torture techniques: “The Tucker Telephone,” “Cold Cell,” or “White Torture.” The ways of these torture methods don’t really include being cut open. Instead, they’re modernized and used efficiently against other people. They give psychological effects i.e. the “White Torture.” In white torture, a prisoner would be placed in a white room with white clothing. They are forbidden to speak and they would have white rice on white paper everyday. Soon, he or she will go insane because of the white psychological effect the torture gives. That is why it’s one of the most efficient methods as well as the most interesting. Back then torture methods weren’t effective as much because people weren’t as smart. Victims would end up dying too quickly and most would rather die in honor than tell the truth and live with guilt.

Overall, torture is effective but unjust and cruel. It serves its job well and doesn’t fail. The person ends up telling the truth or whatever he or she is captive for. The downside of torture is death because if someone ends up dying, the truth will never be told. Hopefully, the world will be cleansed of this madness and torture will be wiped off of the face of this earth.

giles corey







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