You value the things you own more

People would always give me things or make me things but I don’t feel like I value it as much. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care for it at all; it means that I wouldn’t treat it like if it was truly mines.

So I’ve recently discovered that what I buy with my own money is what I value the most. Ever since I’ve been using my sister’s “hand-me-down” SAT book, I felt like I didn’t appreciate studying it. So I’ve concluded that I buy my own SAT book. After purchasing it, I was surprised because I actually took the time to study because it was my book. It was my study time and I owned it.

This goes for other things like cooking. Usually, my mom would cook food for me but this month was her birthday. I cooked her a perfect meal. I went to the local grocery store and bought everything with my own money. I bought flowers, the main ingredients, and the decorations. This time, when I was the cook, I felt real and I owned the kitchen. The course was mine and I made it with my own hands. I used my own money, I picked out my own dish, and I cooked my own food. It wasn’t my mom or my dad or my sister who cooked it. After cooking the meal, I felt like I deserved a medal. Doing my own thing and using my own materials did help me try better at what I do.

It’s still good if people are making you things or giving you gifts and it’s always a good deed. But if you feel like you don’t value something as much, owning or possessing something will bring more dedication and commitment.


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