How to eat food you don’t like.

First of all, I hate wasabi. It has a vile taste with a pungent odor leaking into your nose tubes. When I first tried sushi, I thought the wassabi was avocado and the ginger was ham. And oh man, I inserted both monstrosities into my mouth. My mouth wasn’t ready for the inevitable, so I spat them out in an instant. I nearly choked and threw up. But that was when I learned how to eat different types of foods I didn’t enjoy.

The different types of food people don’t like are usually exotic. Meals that are out of this world and are alien to the consumer. Most are considered a “delicacy” and others just taste bad. Balut is an example of an alluring taste. It consists of a boiled baby duck egg, literally with a baby duck inside. As you crack the hatchling’s house with a spoon, a pool of chicken liquid is sitting there waiting for you to sip it. Next, you throw the cooked embryo into your mouth and chew it. You will chew the baby duck from it’s little bones to it’s little eyes. Then you finish off with eating the yolk of the egg which is the yellow part with an “egg” texture. Although, it is one of Asia’s most exotic delicacies, balut is eaten for strength and nourishment. But the question is, how do you eat foods you don’t like or you’re unsure of it? Sometimes, the food is meant to eat with something else to enhance the flavor, like wasabi. And when you’re out of options, you just shove it in your mouth and close your eyes. Don’t be a wimp and complain because it will ruin the fun. You must feel the flavor in your mouth and soon, it will become heaven.



This is a photo of the balut delicacy.


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