Raccoon eyes.

I strolled up to my friend’s door step right after school while dancing to a happy tune with my legs and arms flailing in the wind. You’ll understand why because the best day of the week has arrived. Friday, the day that says anything can happen and nothing can hold you back. No homework, no stress, and no worries appeared before my eyes for another two days. It’s equivalent to a ticket to freedom, nothing to put a burden on your back. I walked up to the doorbell and rang it as I heard a lot of chattering inside.

My two friends opened the door for me and we did our secret handshake, all laughing and playfully punching each other. “Are you going to practice today?” I asked them. We always ask each other these questions and we always do it in a joking and a mocking manner. Afterwards,  we would chant whatever we said and make funny faces and do what guys do all the time. Later, we talked, watched movies, and did a bunch of stupid stuff. We always mess around because we’re guys right? It was finally 6.00 a.m. to head over to practice. The sky was a little dark and creepy at the time. The air was quiet and the moon glimmered onto our faces. While we were walking down the path near an alley to our gym, my friend spotted something on the roof of a house when all of a sudden…

a giant black raccoon was crawling across the balcony. It was funny because while he was walking, he stopped and look at us like we were insane. It was like he said “Y’all need something?” My friends and I were tripping out because it was their first time seeing a raccoon. It was about a good one minute of starring. It was similar to a starring contest. We decided to take pictures of him and continued to walk to the gym.

photo 1

photo (1)

This is what he looks like.


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