My Most Embarrassing Moment

Okay, we all have our moments in life where we regret. I’m talking about the most embarrassing thing someone has ever done. And every time we think back to it, we gain an immense power of intuition that we recall what exactly happened. We are haunted by the fact that we did something so embarrassing that we groan and wish didn’t exist. Soon the memory will last with us forever to create an invisible scar of humiliation

I, for example, was a victim of sheer embarrassment. The incident that scarred me for life took place in the mid-summer of June in 2007 at the beach. I was around eight years old. Like I said, even though it took place in the stone age, we can still remember what the heck happened. It was a normal hot day, the sun was shining, and the beach was crowded with people from all races. It was a typical crowded Southern California stereotype. I was with my cousins from Texas and I was listening to the popular songs from 2007 which was ‘Umbrella’, by Rhianna and I think ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast. I even remember what song I was listening to at that time. After playing in the sand for a couple of hours, and making sand castles, I had to go to the restroom. This is where IT happened. You know how many beaches have single restrooms that are super crowded and the lines are as long as One Direction concerts? That means everyone is facing the restrooms. So I got in and forgot to lock the door. While I was changing my clothes, the door burst open and my mind went black. “Holy crap, this is going to suck” was what I though to myself. Their saw shock in their eyes and I heard the giggles from afar. About three-hundred people witnessed this. I even remember what the man who opened my bathroom door said. He said “oh shoot, sorry!” After the incident, I literally stayed in there for a good ten minutes so all of the people who saw me left. Funny thing was, I never told anyone about this until today.

Moral of the story is, ALWAYS lock your bathroom doors at the beach.



This was the beach I was at and it was this crowded.(Huntington Beach)


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