That Awkward Moment When..

I was at a Halloween party at my aunt’s house and eight families from both sides of the family came over. The house was enormous so there was plenty of space for big family parties. When you would speak, your voice would echo from the entrance to the pool, literally. It was a typical family party. The little kids were playing with each other, the big kids talked with each other, and the grown ups were drinking and laughing with each other. All the dads got drunk and it was a fun thing to watch them say and do stupid stuff, while the moms would talk and gossip about their daily lives. All of a sudden, Tiffany, my cousin that lived at the house started sobbing. Since you could hear echoes from the pool, you could hear what the conversation was about. My second aunt from my mom’s side of the family told Tiffany she was fat. She said it flat out that she was fat. Truth be told, she was a little bit chubby, but that was a wrong thing to say. The whole house got silent when we heard her crying. People asked what happened and everything became awkward. My aunt didn’t know what to say. My cousins and I tried to lighten up the mood by making conversations. The kids didn’t know what was going on so I told them to back to playing their games and everything was okay. From that day on, I learned how to make situations less awkward. The more people you’re with, with the same mindset, the easier it is to make things less quiet. Starting up more conversations is important and sooner or later, everyone will forget what happened. As for my aunt, she apologized and everything went back to normal.


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