Brightest Object In The World?

You’re probably here to wonder why the heck the sun is so bright, or why do dark shapes appear when we blink after we stare at something with light? Or, maybe you may have stared at the sun for too long which is why you are here. Let’s start off by understanding how bright the sun is. For instance, having a flashlight shined at your face would appear brighter than the sun and will probably blind you. Well, the sun can still blind you from a far distance and is approximately 93 million miles away from Earth. Imagine staring at the sun a few inches away from your face compared to the flashlight. The sun is going to be a septillion times brighter than the flashlight. Fortunately, our sun isn’t the brightest thing in the universe. If the brightest object were to appear as our sun, Earth wouldn’t exist. Compared to the other stars in the galaxy, the sun is barely anything compared to a quasar.

Black holes contain accretion disks that the they use to suck in stars and galaxies. The disks are so bright that they are given their own name. A ‘quasar.’ A quasar is a massive celestial object giving off extremely large amounts of energy. When looking into a telescope at a quasar, it doesn’t appear as bright because it’s so far away from Earth. But how bright is it really? Quasars shine thousands of times brighter than galaxies containing billions of star of which that are brighter than our own sun combine. Quasars are also 12.8 billion light years away from earth which is extremely far and our sun is only 93 million miles away from Earth. They also shine about 420 trillion times brighter than the sun. But what’s ironic is that the brightest thing in the universe is powered by the darkest thing in the universe, the black whole, leading to the meaning of the yin and yang.





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