My Own Philosophy About School

During my high school career, I have been able to compose several aspects of academic knowledge ingrained in my thought. In fact, I have applied my own philosophy which contributes to my school work, ethics, and morals even to this day. The way in which I followed my personal regulations have made my job as a student into becoming a more diligent learner. Despite it seeming like a good idea, the practice takes a lot of work and commitment to achieve. Take advantage of your break time to prepare. Everyday, counts as a contribution to one hundred days. In one hundred days, you will probably be ahead of most of the people in your class. To reason with this, no one is going to hold your hand throughout school. The new material in which you are learning will most likely ‘ambush’ you unless you are prepare for the inevitable. My dad, for example, was a great academic scholar. He spoke to me about his school career about being number one in his class during college. This was because he prepared everyday for his professor’s lectures. By doing so, he studied for tests before hand and he took out his school books to read. Even though he didn’t learn the lesson, he self learned by himself. As a result, success was through his eyes and he unlocked his greatest potential.

Executing your school work or anything you are focusing on is a major principal in contrast to preparing. Although they do not share the same attitude, they work as your bread and butter, and without one thing you cannot achieve it with another. Despite taking out the book and skimming through chapters, you would have to take out a sheet of paper and practice the problems. Then, you would have to understand the concept completely because every single detail is important. You write, and you write, and you write, until you memorize and get sick of the material. That’s where magnifying comes in to play. Magnification doesn’t necessarily mean to take out a magnifying class and use it with your studies. It is an indirect translation towards seeing every aspect of detail to be as important as your objectives. You won’t know how or what your teacher will apply in your exams so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Personally, without these materials, learning would be a difficult route for myself. I’m usually a slow learner, so contributing to these motifs will impacted my life greatly in a positive way. Remember to prepare, to execute, and to magnify your studies because you’ll never know what’s about to hit you in your face.


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