What will we miss in the future?

The future holds all sorts of terrific ideas, thoughts, and creations. Too bad, this generation will miss every single bit of it from terraforming Mars to seeing our Milky Way, neighboring Andromeda. Andromeda is actually a different galaxy that is 2,583,000 light years away from Earth which is a very long distance. The galaxy is also similar to our own, mainly because of its age and the amount of stars it contains. Andromeda is traveling at about 68 mi/s which is insanely fast here on Earth but will arrive at our milky way in 4 billion years. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see the fascinating stars and planets of the Andromeda galaxy up close from Earth.

This is how Andromeda will appear when colliding with our galaxy. It will be seen like this from Earth which is such an amazing event.

We will also miss Betelgeuse’s supernova. It’s a red giant which is located 430-650 light years away from Earth with an age of 10 million years old. Eventually its fuel will run out and explode upon its own mass creating a huge explosion seen on Earth during the day. It’s explosion is so big yet so far that it’ll actually be 10,000 times brighter than our sun.



This could be what Betelgeuse’s supernova will look like from Earth.

In 1986, a disaster from a nuclear power plant in Ukraine took place. Chernobyl, hasn’t been safe ever since. Having an explosion of the power plant caused the entire city to become effected with high levels of radiation where humans cannot live. Unfortunately for us, Chernobyl will not be save until the next 20,000 years.

Chernobyl zone of alienation…

Despite missing truly amazing events in the future, we still have monuments or solar eclipses during our generation. In the far future, the people that are present wouldn’t be able to see amazing solar eclipses. Also, Mount Rushmore will erode away as well as the depletion of Niagara Falls. We should be thankful of what we have today because in the mean time, there won’t be much left in this world.


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