Greatest TV Shows You Can’t Skip.

There are a lot of great TV shows out there that have different types of themes and morals. Although, there are some which can impact your life because of your connection with the character over time. Sometimes, the story writers could even kill off the characters you care about which makes everything ten times better. Well, sort of. It makes you want to watch more and it leaves you on the brink of insanity because you are dying to see the what happens next. One of those shows you can’t skip are listed down below.

1. Breaking Bad
2. Game of Thrones
3. The Walking Dead

If you’re interested in serious killing business, intense meth cooking, or insane money making, Breaking Bad is honestly is the show for you. I don’t want to spoil everything, so I’ll just talk about the main idea that everyone wants to know about. It starts off with a normal dad named Walter White who is a chemistry teacher at school. He has a loving wife, a son, and baby daughter. He ends up getting serious lung cancer and gets laid off from his job. Desperately, he asks his former junkie student that does crystal meth to explain how to make it. Walter then takes advantage of his chemistry degree and creates some insane scientific meth that gets him into so much trouble because of how good he cooks it. That’s all I’m going to tell you because it gets a lot better from there. As of now, the show came to an end which is depressing. It was a good five seasons which was very memorable. It will never be forgotten.

This is Walter White and his shenanigans from the Breaking Bad TV show.

Next is Game of Thrones. If you’re interested in epic story lines, evil people, and dragons, this show is a must watch. I know it sounds nerdy like the Skyrim games, but it’s actually not. The show is insanely good and will keep you on your feet after every episode because of what the writer does to his characters. In the show, you’ll feel a great emotional relationship with many of the people as well as bad emotions. It takes place in an imaginary world a long time ago, where no advanced technology is present. There are many main characters of the show so it’ll skip around to many people. The show foreshadows houses(house of stark) or families that try to take over the throne but conflict awakes. I can’t spoil it for you guys, but seriously, watch the show. The show was made from the books that the author wrote as well.

This Daenerys Targaryen from the Targaryen family. She is the last member who can tame dragons. She seeks to take the throne.

Last, is The Walking Dead. It’s always reliable and intense, but it probably won’t be as memorable as Breaking Bad. If you’re the type of person who likes zombies, mysteries, action, suspense, horror, and drama, this show packs a punch. It is a very suspenseful and will keep you on your feet at all times. The show is still going and is based off a comic book series.


This image shows how eerie the lonely town city is after an epidemic which causes people to turn eat and turn onto each other. The guy on the horse is Rick Grimes, the main character of the TV series.

That is all for now. If you’re bored or you do not have anything to do, please watch these movies because you will not regret every bit of it.


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