Junior Year

Junior year was interesting because of all the classes I took. My friends and my school work had a huge impact as well as the sports I play. Since I’ve already graduated piano, the stress is relieved, but the work is abundant. I’d have to say that I have procrastinated the most this year and I barely finished all of my homework on time. For example, the blogposts, and essays.

Mr. Theriault taught us in the first semester. He was laid back and he taught us a lot of life lessons. He basically introduced us into blogging. At first, I did not like blogging because I thought it was lame, but later on, I enjoyed writing with it.

Ms. Marley taught us in the second semester. At first, I was ‘iffy’ about her because she was strict. The transition of school work was quick, meaning in the second semester work was more than first semester’s work. On the first day or two when Ms. Marley came, we had to write an essay and everyone hated that. But… she came out to be a super awesome teacher. I understood her strictness because it’s hard to calm down a class room full of high school students and I understood that essay writing is not so hard. What also was unique about her was that she understood the student’s dark humor which I thought was really cool. Basically she was ‘the homie’ that taught us English and life lessons. She also brought us a lot of donuts which was awesome.

Overall, I felt like junior year’s experience was super frustrating because of the school work. English class was one of my favorite classes because of the teachers and the students. I’ve learned a lot about everyone’s abilities to express who they are and how they act. I will miss seeing everyone in first period.


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