That Awkward Moment When..

I was at a Halloween party at my aunt’s house and eight families from both sides of the family came over. The house was enormous so there was plenty of space for big family parties. When you would speak, your voice would echo from the entrance to the pool, literally. It was a typical family […]

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My Most Embarrassing Moment

Okay, we all have our moments in life where we regret. I’m talking about the most embarrassing thing someone has ever done. And every time we think back to it, we gain an immense power of intuition that we recall what exactly happened. We are haunted by the fact that we did something so embarrassing […]

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Raccoon eyes.

I strolled up to my friend’s door step right after school while dancing to a happy tune with my legs and arms flailing in the wind. You’ll understand why because the best day of the week has arrived. Friday, the day that says anything can happen and nothing can hold you back. No homework, no […]

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How to cure your acne.

Most of us come a stage in life where we find out that we have a problem regarding our body. For me, acne has been a major factor that not only effects myself, but the other people worldwide. Acne is an infection upon your skin which causes red bumps, sores, and inflammations. It’s caused by a number of […]

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